Prom & Graduation


Senior Year
August 1967 to May 1968

The major athletic events are behind us as we move into March of 1968.  There will still be the prom to go too as well as having senior pictures taken.

For senior pictures we went over to Storm Lake to have them taken. We then went to Ken-a Bob’s for dinner and then took in the movie Dr. Zhivago starring Omar Sharif, Julie Christie. Wonderful movie and we all had a very nice time together.

The prom theme this year was “ Isle of Enchantment.” In Fonda the junior class mothers cooked the meal in the school kitchen and the meal was served by the sophomore class. Times have certainly changed as today the kids go out for expensive meals, get a limo and then go to a supervised after prom party that lasts all night.  I can imagine what my parents would have told me if I told them I was going to be gone all night.  I doubt that idea would have gotten much support.

Some of us by now are having some issues with senioritis.  For myself I was finding it very hard to stay focused on the final couple of months.  I was ready to get on with new challenges.  We had great teachers who were very supportive of us, however, I believe that they would tell you that trying to teach a bunch of know it all seniors at times can be challenging.

Our baseball season was very short.  I think we only played 5 games.  We did play OLGC in the sectionals in Fonda.  We won the game 4 to 3.  Marshall Enderlin started the game.  With one out in the fifth inning OLGC had the bases loaded.  Coach Parman put me in to relieve Marshall. The first batter hit the ball directly back to me, I threw the ball to home plate for a forced out.  I managed to strike out the next seven batters to preserve our victory.  I think that was the only time the two schools played against each other during my high school years.  Interestingly enough Fonda OLGC would go on to win the fall baseball tournament in 1969.

One of the final highlights of the year was the all-school awards banquet.  Any letters, awards, achievements that you may have accomplished during the school year was recognized at this event.  It was a very nice way to recognize each person or groups achievement during the year.

All that is left now is Bachelorette, final exams and graduation on May 16th, 1968.  The class of 1968 has completed their high school years.  We went from freshmen to seniors in a blink of an eye.  It feels like only yesterday.

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