Basketball 1966-1967

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Fresh off of our football season where we enjoyed alot of success, we would see if that would carry over to the basketball season. Coach Parman would be coaching us and a new system and philosophy would obviously be needed as both the girls and the boys teams were each on a 19 game losing streak. The teams the previous year were so bad that the scores were not even put in the annual, both teams were that lousy.

The girls would be coached again by Lee Hurlburt. The forwards would be led by Karen Schoon, Jane Hatteberg, and Jane Stauter; and freshman Nancy Seagren would see some playing time. The guard court would be led by Jeanne Hatteberg, Sheral Adams, Linda Seagren, and Carolotta Delano would also get ample playing time. The girls team would go 10 and 8 over the season and would be 9 and 1 in conference games and win the conference. They will lose to Gilmore City 66 to 65 in the sectional tournament.

We still had Homecoming during basketball this year and Jeanne Hatteberg and Darwin Samuelson were the King and Queen. Queen candidates were Sis Withers, Karen Schoon and Judy Smith. King candidates were Roger Hatteberg, Terry Cole and Larry Murphy.

The boys team would have some returning players this year. Pat Murphy had been the leading scorer as a sophomore for us. We would also have Darvin Dirks, Gerald Johnson, Darwin Samuelson, myself, and newcomer Chuck Orr. Chuck Orr would have a very positive and lasting affect on any success we have over the next two years. Chuck had transferred in the fall, and had played football, however, his love and passion was for basketball. Chuck had played a lot his sophomore year at Northeast Hamilton and was a contributor on the team. I have to also give Chuck credit for me ending up as good a player as I think I was. It was because of his presence and good play on the team that pushed me to improve my game and get better as a player.

I remember the first game we played as juniors, we went up to Rembrandt. I had already sized up the team for the year and figured I would be the best player and would lead the team in most categories. What a rude surprise I was about to get. I had a terrible game against Rembrandt up there and we got beat 64 to 44. I think I had 6 points and was lousy on both ends of the court. Interestingly enough, Chuck Orr had 21 points I believe and led the team in most categories.

Our next game was against Palmer and we lost again 72 to 60 and again, I stunk and my frustration level was getting higher. Chuck Orr and Pat Murphy were leading the team. Coach Parman took me aside after a practice and took me up to his room. He told me I was trying too hard and not playing smart. I told him I thought I was going to quit as I didn’t feel I was contributing to the team. He told me he wanted me to play one more game and all he wanted me to do was go out, enjoy the game, try my best and then after the game do the mirror test. I asked him what the mirror test was, he told me that after the game if I could go look in the mirror and tell myself I had played the best I could, then to be happy with it, if I could not do that, then I would have to make adjustments and learn from my mistakes. I told him I would try.

Fortunately for me, it worked, I played well against Havelock-Plover, we won the game 69 to 60 ending a 21 game losing streak and the rest is history as they say. We ended up the year with 7 wins 10 losses but were a much better team overall. We lost to Storm Lake St. Mary’s 64 to 54 in the sectionals, however, we were in the game the whole way. I ended up making second team all-conference and did end up leading the team in scoring and most categories.

As I look back over that season, it was rewarding in many ways. We grew together as a team, we matured as a team, we played well together after about the first month of learning from a new coach and the outlook was much brighter than the year before. Honestly though, if it weren’t for Chuck Orr coming to Fonda and being a part of the team, pushing us all to be better as players and teammates, then I am not sure how the season would have gone. I believe a large part of the success we enjoyed as a team was due to Chuck. He helped us get over the hump and for that we should all thank him.

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