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by John Tischer on October 26, 2010 · 0 comments

The very first post I did I got a nice note from Helen Tiedeman, OLGC class of 1970. When we first moved to Fonda we were neighbors to Helen and her family. She thanked me for talking about my time in Fonda as well as telling me how important her times were as well. Helen also mentioned to me that her daughter Ann and son-in-law Zach Lee live in Red Oak and if I was to ever see them, I should say hi.

Well, Helen, I did meet Zach a couple of weeks ago at the country club. We were having dinner and he came out to pick up his food to go. When he mentioned to the waitress that he was Zach Lee, I told him that I knew who he was. A very strange expression came over his face until I told him that we were neighbors in Fonda many years ago and I knew you and your family. Funny thing about being from Fonda, everywhere I go, I always run into someone who knows someone from Fonda.

I just wanted you to know that I had met him and all is well.

My best to you and your family Helen.


Here is the note I received from Helen when I first started this blog:

Hello John! I grew up in Fonda, as well. Helen Tiedeman Weston, OLGC Class of ’70. I happened on your blog last night when I Googled “Fonda” ….. always love news from “home”. Glad to read that you have wonderful memories of Fonda. I do too. It was a great place to grow up. Hope you continue with your memories of Fonda.

One memory I have of you: It must have been shortly after you moved into the house on Main Street next to my grandma ….we called her “Nan” anyway, for whatever reason we were discussing cars….. of which I knew nothing. Except that I thought Fords werethe best because my Uncle Jack sold them. Well, you proceeded to tell me that Chevys were better because they had a “body by Fischer or Fisher” … not certain how it’s spelled. I was bummed because you spoke with such conviction ….

Fast forward, shortly after our daughter and her husband, Ann and Zach Lee, moved to Red Oak, John McCreery told me that you live nearby. How he knows that, I’m not certain but just thought I’d pass that info along. Nice to know someone from “home” lives near our youngest daughter. I passed your blog address on to a couple members of our family so I hope you add more.

Helen Tiedeman Weston

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